Rengarajan Sudharsanan

Sudhan is the CTO and founder. He has more than 20 years of industrial experience in infrared sensors, IR cameras, and LIDAR products and in bringing early stage sensor and LIDAR technologies to market . Prior to starting 3D-SensIR,  he was the director of sensor products at Spectrolab Inc., a Boeing company, where he established sensor product line and built flash and scanning LIDAR cameras. In this role, he managed product and business development of sensor products.

Sudhan holds a doctorate degree in Physics and 7 patents.

Gregory Campbell


Greg is the co-founder. He has over 30 years of industrial experience leading infrared sensor, IR camera, and airborne equipment engineering and business operations. Prior to joining 3D-SensIR, he was a Vice President and Product Line Manager at Spectrolab Inc., a Boeing company, where he was the lead executive for the company's Illumination and Sensors product division. In this role, he oversaw the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and global distribution of the division's products.

Greg holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds 7 patents.

Emilio Quezada
Chief Engineer

Emilio is the Chief Engineer. He has 38 years of engineering in electronics design for commercial and military programs. Emilio has experience in electronics design and development, test and integration in missile IR guidance systems, airborne searchlights, solar simulators, landing lights and photovoltaic cell testing. Emilio was Director of Operations for illumination and Sensor products division at Spectrolab Inc., a Boeing company, managing the Engineering, planning and manufacturing departments. He was also the FAA Functional Manager for Spectrolab Inc. 

Emilio has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and holds 4 patents.