Solid state MEMS mirror scanning LIDAR

Our smart handheld camera uses time-of-flight laser measurements to capture 3D images both indoors and outdoors with 50 meters range with centimeter accuracy. It includes intelligent software integrated with multiple sensors:

1.    Outdoor ‘proven’ Laser Scanner

2.    Color (RGB) Camera

3.    Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Unlike tripod laser scanners that utilize large, mechanically rotating mirrors for laser scanning, our camera uses an electronic micro-mirror to scan the laser beam, enabling handheld laser scanners with lower cost, size, and weight.

Our proprietary software stichesdata from the three sensors cohesively to deliver 3D color image data compatible with commercial 3D modeling software. All data processing is done on a tablet.

The patented micro-mirror laser scanner design facilitates further in integrating all the sensor components onto a single silicon chip. This technology enables a pathway to offer compact and low-power 3D cameras necessary for large-area 3D mapping by drones and autonomous vehicles.